The SSN Validator & Death Index

BRB’s SSN Validator provides cost effective assurance of verifying identity and fighting fraud.

Simply enter the 9-digit SSN and you will know within seconds if the number is valid. BRB’s SSN Validator also identifies the year and state of issue - a geographical clue to when and where the individual obtained the SSN.

(The Validator does not verify a name assigned to an SSN)

Added Features

  • Batch Load Up to 50 SSNs at One Time.
  • Indicates if a SSN Appears on the SSA Death Index.
  • Perform a Separate Search of the SSA Death Index by Name (current as of 8/20/2013).
Information for this product is obtained from the Social Security Administration. BRB Publications, Inc does not store the SSN’s entered into the Validator. However, a record is kept as to the number of SSN’s entered during a subscription time period for each subscriber.

Subscription Pricing

Fees and volume are based on an annual subscription or number of searches. Unused searches are not rolled over into the next year. A standard subscription allows 2 simultaneous users.

Annual Volume of Searches Pricing
1 - 2,499 SSNs $49.95 for an annual subscription limited to 2,499 SSNs.
2,500 - 4,999 SSNs $69.95 for an annual subscription limited to 4,999 SSNs.
5,000 - 9,999 SSNs $99.95 for an annual subscription limited to 9,999 SSNs.
Unlimited Access Please call BRB at 800-929-3811 for pricing.

About the Random Pool

June 24th, 2011 was the last day the Social Security Administration (SSA) assigned a Social Security Number (SSN) based on the numeric order within a state's allocation of the first 5 digits. All unassigned numbers within the numeric sequence have now been placed in a Random Pool. Effective June 27, the assignment of a new SSN is much like a lottery; a random number is drawn from the unassigned pool of 420 million numbers available for assignment.

The SSN Validator product indicates when a number is assigned to the random pool.

How To Sign-up for a Subscription

It only takes a couple of minutes to activate your own subscription; a credit card is required. This is a secure site.

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Questions? Do you need more information?

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