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Public Record Searching Techniques
This nine-page primer provides insight on the basics of public record searching including how to evaluate and use online sources.

(New 2018) Disturbing Facts About the Accuracy and Currency at State Criminal Record Repositories
Many employers and state licensing boards depend on state criminal record repositories as a primary resource when performing a criminal record background check. What these entities do not realize is that a search of the state criminal record database may not be as accurate as assumed. This information comes direct from a 132 page DOJ Survey.

Eight Tips for Searching Court's Online Record Databases
Useful tips to help you perform your online record searching at the courts, includes how to determine online-onsite equivalency.

Searching Recorded Documents Judgments, and Liens
Recorded documents, judgments and liens are among the most popular types of public records sought. This six-page guide examines the basics when performing these searches at the local level.

A Guide to Motor Vehicle Records
Sometimes motor vehicle records are public, sometime not. This six-page article examines how to access driving records, license status checks, monitoring systems, vehicle title and registration records, vessel title and registration records, accident reports, and liens.

Federal Agency Sanctions and Watch Lists
This four-page article examines where to find public record databases of individuals and companies that have sanctions, violations, enforcement actions, or warnings initiated against them by one of nine different federal government departments with sanctioning ability.

(New 2018) Overview of the Washington (State) Court System and Changes to Online Access
Washington has a new online access system to court records. The old system remains in place, but all courts are not necessaarily participating in the new system and/or not updating contentr into the older system.


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