The Guide to County Court Records

Published: September, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-889150-57-

Pages: 880

Price: $9.95 (was: $34.50)


A National Resource to Searching Criminal, Civil, and Probate Records at the Nation’s County, Parish, and Municipal Courts

The Guide to County Court Records provides the needed, detailed knowledge for successful background investigations and public record searching. This extensive resource informs the reader about record searching procedures at 8,000+ state, county, parish and municipal courts.

This Ultimate Desk Reference provides practical answers to the reader’s record searching questions:

  • Where clerks do record searches for free
  • Which states offer access to statewide court records
  • Personal identifiers needed for searching and shown on search results
  • Which courts are online . . . Which courts are not
  • Accurate fee schedules for searches, copies and certifications
  • If credit cards are accepted for searches and copies
  • Best way to do name searches

The Guide also includes a very useful Public Record Primer with professional research tips. The Guide will help the reader save time and money.

The Guide is written by BRB Publications, Inc.

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