The Safe Hiring Manual - 3rd Edition

Published: January, 2017
ISBN: 1-889150-63-0

Pages: 840

Price: $24.95


A Complete Guide to Creating a Legal and Effective Safe Hiring Program

Bigger, Better, and More Powerful!

The Third Edition of The Safe Hiring Manual is updated and enhanced with a new format. The Manual provides Employers, HR Hiring Managers, and Security Professionals with a practical and comprehensive blueprint on how to establish a legally compliant companywide Safe Hiring Program.

Topics Include:

  • Best Hiring Practices Before a Background Check with Suggested In-House Procedures & Policies
  • Compliance with the FCRA, EEOC, Discrimination, Ban-the-Box, Privacy and Data Protection Rules
  • Best Practices Associated with ALL the Components of a Background Check
  • How to Audit Your Current Hiring Program.

Additional Areas Covered In-Depth:

  • The Seven-Year Rule
  • Dealing with Volunteers and Other Non-Employees
  • Avoiding Class Action and Negligent Hiring Lawsuits
  • FCRA Mandated Forms
  • Compliance with State Laws
  • I-9 and E-verify Material
  • International Screening, and MUCH, MUCH MORE
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