Free Government Public Record Sites

The links below lead to government agency sites. If the agency provides free online public record searching and access we will direct you there. We do not store or provide access to anyone’s personal record on our site.

This data is taken directly from our subscription access. If you are looking for more than just free links and need a deeper view into the courts and state agencies, check out our subscriptions to learn.

Keep in mind these important truths about searching online public records provided by government agencies:

More than 25% of state and county government agencies do not provide public records online. Less than 50% of the courts provide online/onsite search equivalency to docket lookups.

Government sites can be free or fee-based. Generally, the fee-based sites are much more robust. Most free government public record name search sites contain no personal identifiers beyond the name. This can be a problem when researching a common name.

Often the searchable and viewable information found online is limited to name indexes and summary data rather than document images. Most access sites – especially those that are free – permit the former and not the latter.

While online portals can be a quick path to viewable or downloadable record data, they often are merely conduits to view a record index. To view the actual records, one must usually place an order to receive document images.

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