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Who Are These Firms?

Firm Type Services Offered
Gateway Provide a sophisticated method to electronically access existing databases from other locations or hosts.
Distributor Automated data aggregators who combine public sources of bulk data and/or online access to develop their own in-house database products.
Search Firm Obtain the records by either using Distributors or Gateways, or by going direct to government agencies. Services may not be online oriented.

Who should apply for a business listing?

  • Firms who are automated information sources that compile public record and/or public information.
  • Search firms that furnish public records, search through online services and/or a network of correspondents under their control.

Who should not:

  • Firms that pull public records in the course of business for their clientele. (example - Private Investigators, Researchers and Paralegals)

How Much Does It Cost?

Regular Listing Free! Complete the questionnaire provided below.
Profile Listing with Link Provided to PRRN Associate Members. Complete the questionnaire and the PRRN application provided below.

Please note: When you complete the questionnaire, either as a Regular Listing or a Profile Listing, your complete profile will appear in the next edition of the print version of The National Directory of Public Record Vendors. (Released annually in Jan/Feb)

How do I get a questionnaire and PRRN application?

It’s simple! Click here to download the questionnaire and PRRN application forms as an Adobe Acrobat file. After you complete the paperwork fax it back to us at 800-929-3811.

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